Maintaining the external timber

No treatment is necessary for the oak frame as oak is very resistant to decay, it was green oak so some joints have shrunk to leave a crack this is part of its beauty. If it must be treated then use one coat of boiled linseed oil every five years, having started with two coats the first time round. I have no intention of treating my oak. The eagle eyed among you will have seen that I used tiny lead cover flashings to protect the top fully chamfered edges of the horizontal members.

My soffits are untreated redwood, they face downwards and I don’t think that they need treating, probably better without, they are well protected, an only need an occasional clean may be. No problems after eight years.

My porch ceiling,  all fascias and barge boards are cedar and this is definitely best not treated in any way, the wood can’t rot and is beautiful looking with no treatment.

Fences and gate are said to be treated for life.

Windows, wash with very mild detergent, dings etc get “the magic man” and look up colour with Internorm codes printed inside the glass units.

Front door is in the porch so well protected, the frame was Osmo oil as was the stairs, other wood work was acrylic varnish.

Floor Unknown but I have a box and spare bits in basement just in case of heavy dints, none needed yet, the coating is showing no signs of wear again after eight years which is  nice.