Design Concepts

These are the design concepts that I am considering:-

  • Very low energy use, lower than a Passive House or Code 6 CSH
  • Maximise solar contribution to water heating using the inevitable excess for heating by utilising an interseasonal thermal store
  • Build tight and ventilate right
  • Heavyweight construction – maximum ability to store solar gains and minimum temperature fluctuations
  • High comfort – very low energy demand
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Mitigation of thermal bridging by design
  • Nuts and bolts



These are the ideals I hope to achieve for my house:-

  • No heating system
  • Comfortable to live in and low maintainence
  • Achieve very airtight construction
  • Use recycled agregrate blocks
  • Rain water recycling
  • Not to pay any fees or costs for certification
  • Monitor house energy use and temperatures
  • Not to have any polluting energy appliances in the house
  • To provide a life time quality home for myself and my wife
  • To involve myself fully in the project